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Bonk that up with that Bonker ! 

Being frustrated not be able to do a proper jump on your onewheel without a root or a rock ? The point is, roots and rocks are not everywheree and some spots are missing those. You're now covered with the TFL Europe Bonker ! 

They're proudly made in Italy by Jacopo from Float Italia. They're hand poured with his secret special recipe which gives a medium-soft compound to the bonker, great for feeling the POP of your board !

- The small model has a 11.5 cm diameter base and a 4.3 cm height
- The large model has a 13.5 cm diameter base and a 6.5 cm height

Each bonker is made artisanally and hand poured so some minor defects can be visible on the product itself, though, it won't prevent you from high and long bonks you can be sure ! 

Float on, my friends :)


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